twig chair

Twig Chair 

A chair for the lounge of Kanazawa Municipal Hospital


The truss frame built of delicate slender rods expresses the branches overlapping in the woods, and its shadow reminds you of the sunlight trickling through the leaves.




welding square iron pipes.

welded flame.

making small parts.

roughly polishing the joints. 

rust preventive and paint.

Drew draftings by hand for my own design, cut out square steel pipes, made jigs for the pipes, welded them to make a uni-frame, gave anti-rust coat to the frame, paited the frame, machined small parts, cut out the wooden panels, oil finished the wooden panels, assembled all the parts together...

I spent whole my summer vacation of my third grade and whole earnings from my part-time job to create this chair by my own, but I learned great deals from making the chair desined by myself. After this project I became more concern about the motto "think by hands, create by heart" from my college which is located at Kanazawa "the city of craftsmans".

This chair is designed under the theme of “Hospitality Chairs for Patients Waiting in Creative Patience” as 8th project of “Hospitality Art Projects” by cooperation between Kanazawa Municipal Hospital and Kanazawa College of Art.

This chair was also submitted to I Saloni Milano 2012 and Design Week at Sendai Mediateque 2011.


この椅子はホスピタリティアート・プロジェクト第8弾として「待ち時間を豊 かにする椅子」というテーマの下、金沢市立病院の待ち合い室で使用される椅 子としてデザインしました。